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>First Parallel Session

First Parallel Session

Track I – Policy Sharing for KT
Capacity Building: a follow up to Progress-TT

Creating value from knowledge is the daily challenge for KTOs. Their performance is linked to their capacity and building it is a challenge for institutions, KT professionals and policymakers.

This session will consider the capacity-building experience gained during the EU-funded initiative Progress-TT; reviewing methodologies, lessons learned and best practices. In addition, the session will try to discern how to make capacity-building actions consistent and sustainable for the benefit of emerging and incumbent KTOs.


Track II – Ownership
Artificial Intelligence and IP Protection

Artificial Intelligence as a new digital frontier will make major transformations on society, push innovation in new ways and transform established IP concepts.

Legislative protection however is not advancing as quickly as the technology. This session will examine the impact of AI on traditional IP concepts.


Track III – Skills for TTO
Licensing Inventions: the Challenge of KTOs

The allocation of licenses is a basic task of every KTO. Sounds simple – but it’s not so in practice. The first big hurdle is finding a licensee. Thereafter, it is a matter of finding the right conditions for the respective technology, industry and size of company. Reconciling all variables is not so easy.

In this session experienced KT managers will give insights into their daily business of working with licenses.

Join us at ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin