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>Opening plenary

Opening plenary

Welcome to ASTP 20th Annual Conference:
Henric Rhedin, ASTP President

What our Profession is Today
Alison Campbell, Director, Knowledge Transfer Ireland, Ireland
Brian MacCraith, President, Dublin City University, Ireland


Opening plenary
Israeli Tech Transfer: the official (unedited) version

Benjamin Soffer has a long track record as CEO of T3 (Technion Technology Transfer), one of Israel’s foremost technology transfer companies (2005-2018) and is Chairman of the Israel Technology Transfer Organisation. Benjamin also serves on the boards of various high-growth companies. His track record and experience make him ideally placed to talk about the Israeli technology transfer scene. Benjamin will offer an insight into the remarkable track record and successes of Israeli KTOs and, at the same time, reflect on these models and successes in a European TTO context.


Henric Rhedin, ASTP President

Keynote speaker:
Benjamin Soffer, former Managing Director of T3: technology transfer office of the Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Location: Ballroom 2

Join us at ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin