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>Second Parallel Session

Second Parallel Session

Track I – Policy sharing for KTs


Track II – Ownership
Open Source Software

Writing and using Open Source Software (OS SW) is becoming more and more fashionable. However, handling OS SW is subject to different rules than the usual copyright protection. Researchers often handle the further use of OS code quite carelessly, which might cause headaches for KT managers.

This raises questions around which license underlies the OS Code? May it, or parts of it, be used commercially and under which conditions?

What questions must KT managers ask researchers in order to establish legal compliance around OS?

In this session, background information on Open Source licensing is given as well as pragmatic insights in how to avoid pitfalls around OS.


Track III – Skills for TTO
How to Deal with Equity Cases

As knowledge and IPR generation becomes more of a co-creation process, the ideal shareholder agreement of a resulting spin-off inevitably becomes more complex. Alongside university inventors, there may be industry partners involved or other universities; all with their own specific interests.
In addition to the challenge of determining the fair number of shares for each founding party, there may be more issues to be solved, such as; employee stock ownership plans for the motivation of CEOs, non-participating liquidation preferences for investment funds, phantom shares for industry associations, or work for equity clauses. How can we ever know what is best for us?

This session shall be in a workshop format, providing ideas on all these complex issues. The session will start with two short case studies presented by a KTO and a venture capitalist, followed by a discussion open to all participants.

Join us at ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin