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>Third Parallel Session

Third Parallel Session

Track I – Policy sharing for KT
Internal Marketing for KTOs

KTOs must meet many requirements. They must make their services known to their researchers, appear adaptable and pragmatic, make coherent decisions and, finally, be legally compliant.
They must also impress university management who seek healthy revenues.

In this session, we will hear about the basic practice of marketing a KTO’s services to internal clients and how to develop a strategy to convince management of the KTOs value.


Track II – Ownership
How to Manage and Valorise Research Data

The way data are managed during the research process can have a significant impact on the subsequent valorisation of research results. In most universities, policies for data management are still missing and challenges related to ownership, control and further use of data are still not addressed. In this session, we will examine issues related to the life cycle of research data and analyse the opportunities for exploiting research data in the light of recent open data policies. Practical advice will also be provided for the effective management of in-licensing/out-licensing and data transfer agreements.


Track III –Skills for TTO

Join us at ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin