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Workshop: Technology Transfer and the Impact of State-Aid Regulation

The Danish National Network for technology transfer, Innotech, commissioned a thorough analysis of the EU state-aid regulations in the context of our technology transfer activities. The Danish perception was the regulations were interpreted rather strictly in Denmark compared to some European colleagues. The work of a group, composed by representatives of the technology transfer offices in Denmark and an external law firm, has resulted in a comprehensive guide to state-aid, as well as a series of recommendations.
This workshop will talk about the work, the findings of the working group, and examples of how the universities have chosen (or not) to implement new processes and policies in the daily operations of universities and their TTOs.

Soft Skill Lab: Leading and Managing Complex Interdisciplinary Teams

Technology transfer is a multidisciplinary role requiring technical skills in order to be able to interact with academics as peers. It also requires business and management skills, in order to promote the valorisation of research results; legal skills to manage contracts and accountancy expertise to deal with administration. Working in a KTO means daily interaction with colleagues from different backgrounds and it is not always easy to find a common language. Managing and leading multidisciplinary teams towards a common objective sometimes presents a challenge for Heads of KTOs.

In this interactive Soft Skill Lab, we shall share experiences and work on improving our abilities to manage and work in complex multidisciplinary teams.

Join us at ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin