Bruno Woeran

Bruno Woeran

Bruno Woeran is currently EU- Affairs Manager at www.Merinova.fi Oy – Technology Center AB for the EnergyVaasa.fi Cluster. Fostering the collaboration of Vaasa industry, higher education and regional institutions for international networking and cooperation in Research, Technology and Innovation actions; Strategies for EU Research Grants; directly funded – EU, International and National – Opportunities; Proposal Management from application to execution and follow-up; regional networking and special interest focus groups.

He is international trainer and lecturer for EU- Research, Higher Education and Innovation management topics and supports the EQF – European Qualification Framework through www.ecqa.org. He was chairman and conference host and serves on several boards for Innovation Management www.ispim.org, vocational training networks to support academic human capital exchange www.leo-net.org, and is currently President of TII fostering Int’l TechTransfer www.tii.org.

Bruno Woeran is co-editor and author of articles on innovation research, knowledge transfer and expert systems and works intensively on training and certification, for organisations’ innovation and knowledge management issues and regional innovation management tools, especially SMEs.

He holds a Master’s degree in BSAD from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (‘93) and from the University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna (‘91).

In his previous positions, he worked as Special Advisor EU- Research Programmes Management and Open Innovation Networks at www.LUT.fi. Research Grant policies; Process Management from ideation, application to execution and follow-up; Research Grant Officer and Senior Expert Controlling at www.IST.ac.at Austria, the renowned basic research institute near Vienna overseeing Research Grants; Research Group Controlling, Reports and Budgeting fostering a growth from 4 to 22 research groups and their involvement in competitive research funding opportunities within 1.5 years.

In 2010 he served as Senior Consultant ICT at www.eutema.com Technology Management Ltd, in Vienna, the experts for strategic technology development in co-operation with its European partner network.