Nedeljko Milosavljevic

Nedeljko Milosavljević

Nedeljko Milosavljević is the Director of the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Belgrade (CTT-UB).

Nedeljko recognises the importance of building professional relationships for TTOs’ development. Therefore, he continually makes valuable contacts on national and international level, through various networks such as: Technology Brokerage Network in Serbia, Network of Local Innovation Access Points, AUTM, ITTN, High Energy Physics Technology Transfer Network –HEPTech, and ASTP-Proton

He had a pleasure to share his insights and experience on numerous national, regional and international events, hosted by IPO’s, WIPO, EPO, different universities and organisations. He is also Senior Research Associate at Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy – University of Belgrade and has authored or co-authored 20 papers in top international scientific journals.

W: www.ctt.bg.ac.rs/en
E: nedeljko.milosavljevic@rect.bg.ac.rs