François Drapeau-Paquin

François Drapeau-Paquin

Holder of a Bachelor of Science concentrating on biochemistry, a Bachelor of Law from the University of Montreal (Canada) and a Master of Law in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands),

Since 2011 François has been Senior Intellectual Property Counsel within the intellectual property division of Royal Philips N.V. – Philips Intellectual Property & Standards. Qualified as a European Patent Attorney since 2015, François manages different patent portfolios for a number of

businesses within Philips. An important aspect of François’ role within Philips is the negotiation and crafting of intellectual property related terms and conditions applicable to a number of relationships between Philips, and public and private institutions. From contract research to

publicly funded research, passing by equipment evaluation/testing, joint development, licensing in/out and mergers and acquisitions.

François has dealt with intellectual property terms within a plurality of agreements that a healthcare company such as Philips may enter into. François is also leading Philips’ scouting and acquisition activities for enriching Philips’ intellectual property portfolio, through acquisition or licensing-in of intellectual property rights, including the valuation thereof.