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>Charlotte Høj Mariendal

About The Speaker

Charlotte Høj Mariendal is a legal advisor at the Grants and Contract Office, Aalborg University, in Denmark, where she has been working since 2009.

Charlotte has a Master of Science in Business Administration and Business Law from Aalborg University and a PG Cert in Corporate and Business Law from Birmingham City University.

For the past 9 years her focus has been to negotiate research collaboration agreements on behalf of Aalborg University, as well as commercial agreements in connection with transfer or licensing of the university’s intellectual property. Both in relation to the research collaboration agreements and in connection with commercial agreements, state aid and the legal framework. Therefore, Charlotte has been involved in various internal and external working groups on the EU state aid regulation.

Most recently, she was appointed to a national working group initiated by the Danish universities, involving a Danish law firms with the purpose of drafting guidelines on how Danish universities can manage research collaboration and technology transfer with companies within the legal framework of the European State Aid.

ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin