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>Nestor Rodriguez

About The Speaker

Nestor Rodriguez

Néstor Rodríguez Co-Founder and Managing Director of Atrineo AG, holds a degree in cybernetics engineering from the University of Stuttgart and has been working as an international consultant for over 15 years. He has over 15 years of experience in the commercialisation of technologies both from academia and the private sector. With a background in Private Equity and Corporate Strategy, both internally at Siemens and as an external strategy consultant, Néstor’s core competency is in identifying, evaluating, developing and implementing business models for novel technologies. He has lead and managed 100s of international market research projects both for corporates and high-tech start-up companies and regularly provides seminars and workshops on market and market research to young entrepreneurs in German academia and research institutions.

Néstor has helped set-up, structure and finance over 30 start-up companies at the very early growth stage. He is currently an international business coach for the European EASME agency for innovative SMEs.

ASTP ANNUAL CONFERENCE, May 21-23 2019, Dublin